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Your Best Parenting Tips

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Your Best Parenting Tips

Last month, we asked members to share their best piece of parenting advice. Thanks for all the great responses! Here, you can read some of our favorites.

“Love your kids unconditionally for who they are, and make sure they know that every day.” —Jocelyn R.

“Be patient!” —Ashleigh G.

“When the kids are fighting, have them hug each other and apologize.” —Susan S.

“Ask yourself ‘Will this matter 10 years down the road?’ If not, choose your battles. My youngest loves wearing mismatched socks and 2 shirts. It doesn't matter where he is going. He's 5 and it's fun. I cringe, but I know this too shall pass. As long as we are not going to church, I let him be.” —Angela H.

“Follow your instincts… and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t find a solution to a problem on the first attempt.” —Morgan T.

“You can only love them and advise them, but they will find their own way!” —Susan D.

“Get sleep when you can. The less rest you have, the less patience you will have with your children and the more stressed out you will be about the small things in life.” —Garett B.

“I’ve learned to pick my battles with my kids. Sometimes, it's okay to let them have their way even when you don't agree. Just ask yourself... how important is this? Nine times out of ten, this battle will be forgotten in 15 minutes or so. So just relax and let them have that cookie!” —Aisha D.

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